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Heifer International


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We are pleased beyond measure to share with you the ministry that Heifer International provides to our neighbors in need around the world. As farmers, working with an organization that is strongly tied to animals and the land simply makes sense to us. We have been volunteers with Heifer International, locally and nationally, for over 30 years, and highly recommend its work.

Heifer International began as a volunteer effort. Founder Dan West was serving as a relief worker during the Spanish Civil War when he developed the idea of “not a cup, but a cow.” He wanted to give people a hand up, not a handout. In 1944 he returned to Indiana and formed a group called Heifers for Relief, sending a shipment of seventeen heifers to Puerto Rico. This group gradually evolved into a worldwide community development organization that now empowers men, women, and children every day. A key premise of Heifer International’s work is that, when an animal is given, its new owners are taught how to care for it and also asked to pass on one of its offspring, training another family as well. In this way, since 1944, Heifer International has directly assisted 13.6 million families and indirectly helped over 70.5 million more. Heifer is presently involved in more than 920 projects around the world.

A meditation by Jo Luck, former CEO of Heifer, encompasses the spirit of community and volunteerism within Heifer. It is titled “A Gift Beyond Price,” a story from a woman in Tanzania:

“I looked down at the gift in the African child’s hands. ‘It’s from my mother,’ she said. I knew her mother – a poor woman whose crippled feet kept her from working in the fields as the other women did, raising potatoes and cabbage to feed their families. The child gestured toward the gift. ‘Please,’ she said, ‘my mother sends her greetings. Please take it.’ I nodded and took the gift of two small brown eggs.” The woman goes on to say, “What a humble gift it was! And yet, what a treasure beyond price!”

The animals at Airy Hill Farm are here for more your enjoyment. Some provide food for the bed and breakfast. They also serve as living examples of Heifer’s mission to our neighbors in need. These animals can provide:

  • Movement (muscle of draft animals)
  • Motivation (through empowerment)
  • Money (income from selling animals or their products)
  • Meat
  • Milk
  • Manure
  • Materials (hides, wool)
  • Methane (cooking fuel) from manure

Ask us upon arrival for specific details about how each particular kind of animal makes a difference. For further information, checkHeifer’s website or click here to learn about how the animals on our farm reflect Heifer International. Thank you for your support of Heifer!

Hazel and Mark

Family with cow